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Bandwidth Shaping - New Practice That Will Spread Around the World

Bandwidth Shaping - New Practice That Will Spread Around the World
By Roha Yana

Bandwidth shaping has become popular today and day by day, one by one ISP in the world starting this practice. Simple definition of bandwidth shaping is limiting data transfer especially in the peak time. ISP said that they do this to make sure their customer gain promised service. Is this true?

Yes, we can't decline that statement. But, it doesn't mean that we just accept it 100 percent. There is hidden agenda behind it. ISP doesn't want to spend their money to upgrade bandwidth instead of the number of customer is increasing. It doesn't mean that there will be no upgrade at all. It's just slowing the process. Why do they need to spend their money for their customers that using internet to download something illegally thus clogging the bandwidth but they answering the phones to hear other customers claim that they not get promised service? Did you know that for every second the clock ticking, around 2478 songs were downloaded illegally?

So, it's reasonable for ISP doing it. Illegal download only cause loss for everybody. Yes, P2P has become a biggest threat to the entertainment industries. Movie that just played in cinema yesterday can be watched through internet and downloaded today. Of course the culprit is the one that record it in cinema, but internet has been misused and become a medium distribution of copyright materials around the world.

Caused by the huge loss that has been countered by film and music producing companies, these companies have started pressing ISP to cooperate to prevent download and distribution of copyright materials. And it's not impossible if one day a summon letter reach you stating that you are guilty for downloading copyright materials. It's not impossible. Thus, if you still sticking with the habit of downloading something copyrighted, you should stop it immediately.

Although bandwidth shaping cause internet users can't continue their habit with P2P software, there is still one threat which is file hosting. Even though file hosting is not exist, pile of pirated materials will be rampant on the street. In time by time, bandwidth shaping will be practiced by all ISP in the world. So, your smile will not last long if your ISP doesn't practicing it yet.

Roha Yana is a freelance writer and a student (major in Mathematics and Actuary). He work part-time at pharmacy on Saturday and doing voluntary works on Sunday. You may like to read more about bandwidth shaping and bandwidth shape

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