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Bandwidth Shaping - New Practice That Will Spread Around the World

Bandwidth Shaping - New Practice That Will Spread Around the World
By Roha Yana

Bandwidth shaping has become popular today and day by day, one by one ISP in the world starting this practice. Simple definition of bandwidth shaping is limiting data transfer especially in the peak time. ISP said that they do this to make sure their customer gain promised service. Is this true?

Yes, we can't decline that statement. But, it doesn't mean that we just accept it 100 percent. There is hidden agenda behind it. ISP doesn't want to spend their money to upgrade bandwidth instead of the number of customer is increasing. It doesn't mean that there will be no upgrade at all. It's just slowing the process. Why do they need to spend their money for their customers that using internet to download something illegally thus clogging the bandwidth but they answering the phones to hear other customers claim that they not get promised service? Did you know that for every second the clock ticking, around 2478 songs were downloaded illegally?

So, it's reasonable for ISP doing it. Illegal download only cause loss for everybody. Yes, P2P has become a biggest threat to the entertainment industries. Movie that just played in cinema yesterday can be watched through internet and downloaded today. Of course the culprit is the one that record it in cinema, but internet has been misused and become a medium distribution of copyright materials around the world.

Caused by the huge loss that has been countered by film and music producing companies, these companies have started pressing ISP to cooperate to prevent download and distribution of copyright materials. And it's not impossible if one day a summon letter reach you stating that you are guilty for downloading copyright materials. It's not impossible. Thus, if you still sticking with the habit of downloading something copyrighted, you should stop it immediately.

Although bandwidth shaping cause internet users can't continue their habit with P2P software, there is still one threat which is file hosting. Even though file hosting is not exist, pile of pirated materials will be rampant on the street. In time by time, bandwidth shaping will be practiced by all ISP in the world. So, your smile will not last long if your ISP doesn't practicing it yet.

Roha Yana is a freelance writer and a student (major in Mathematics and Actuary). He work part-time at pharmacy on Saturday and doing voluntary works on Sunday. You may like to read more about bandwidth shaping and bandwidth shape

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What Make You Feel Satisfy And Happy

Do you ever seen someone rich but unhappy? When you asked them why, what was their answer? Normally, they will say, “I feel empty”.

So, what do we do to make us ‘full’? Here are some tips for you based on my life experience:

1. Read at list 10 pages of book per day. This will make your brain have something to think. As I said, book. Not a paper, magazine, comic or blog. You need something serious to read that make your brain working hard to understand what you read. This will avoid an Alzheimer’s disease as you grow older. The process of learning will not end when you out of school or colleague.

2. Eat when you feel really hungry. This will make your food taste delicious than before even though it is only a slice of bread. Other than that, you will free from obesity and save your money too. For you who has a gastric, please follow your eat schedule.

3. Exercise at least 30 minutes per day. This is the hardest thing to-do-list. These include your walking, step on stairs or even running. But this depends on what type of your occupation is. Exercise will release your tension, keep your health and make yourself reborn.

4. Talk with someone. That’s why people writing blog. However, talking with someone is better because it is two way communications with fast respond. Plus you can see that person reaction and improve your communication skill. Messenger is another alternative but reality is better.

5. Help people if you can. That’s why poor and rich people exist in this people. We still rely on each other. If you’re rich, why don’t you donate a little penny for charity? You will feel happy when you saw peoples that you help happy. If you are not rich you can still help people. Why don’t working at welfare centre twice per month? You will know how lucky you are than them for having better life.

6. Always visit your parents. This is mother of happiness. Don’t forget they will always pray for you.

7. Be yourself. Nowadays, everyone try to be like someone else because they feel pathetic. You don’t need to do that. This will only make you suffer. Be humble. People like you because of who you are, not because you are someone else. Remember, you are unique. No one can be like you.

8. Wake up before sunrise. Watching the sunlight entering your house will make you feel fresh and alert yourself that new day has come. So that you will prepare yourself properly in the morning. By the way, you need to sleep early to wake up early.

9. Smile. Yes, just smile to anyone that you bumped into except for bad ass looking person. If that person smile back, then you day will be cheerful.

10. Forgive and forget. Hold a grudge doesn’t benefit you at all. This will only make you suffer.

So, why don’t you try it because there is nothing to lose.
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Talk With Bill Gates

While I'm online today, one of my friends told me that he talked with Bill Gates. What? Seriously? These questions pop-up in my mind spontaneously. Of course I believed in him since he is a genius in programming, working for INTEL right now.

Then I ask him, "Dude, what reason can make you talked to him?".

"Nothing particular man. Well, just simple talk like how are you, what is your story now and etc." he answered.

"Whew.. You sure a lucky man. Say hello to him when you get in touch with him again", I said.

"I think you should say to him personally", he said (I think with cheeky smile).

With curiosity, I asked him, "Don't joke around. I know who I am. Mathematician sure not in same side of programmer, especially a genius one".

"Why not? If I can make it, you can make it too" he said.

"There you go again. Sometimes, there is something impossible for us dude", I answered.

"Just go to dude!", a reply that I never want to heard.

If he was with me at that time, then 'SMACK!'. No option. Now, all of you sure fall out too, right? So, just go to to chat with Bill Gates.

Here is a capture screen when I chat with Bill Gates. As you can see, 'he' is not a real Gates. Of course not because there is no need for real Gates to chat with anonymous, unknown or unfamous person like us. And this site was not created by Gates but the way that AI (artificial intelligence) responded is quite good. So, time for you chat with 'Gates'!
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Internet Time Traveler

Actually, it has been a long time for me to share this. I think its little educational plus funny. (Read more...)

Don't Build A Cheap Traffic

Leave a comment on another blog is a good way to gain traffic to your blog or web site. But, will that visitor come again to your blog in the future? This is a question that always singing in my mind since I start writing for my friend's blog around 1 year ago.

When you read a comment on someone's blog, what is your expression if:

Topic - How To Write A Good Article

Comment 1 - Thanks dude. Love u!

Comment 2 - Actually a good article not only depend on the content. How you compress your information in short write to be easily understand by your readers can be a key too. This is what I practiced.

Your curiosity about commenter 2 is high, right? His/her comment leave a good impression on you because it is valuable.

This is what called a good comment or content addition. If you are commenter 2, the percentage of readers on that blog to go to your blog (if you leave a link) is high. People will remember your comment on that post and remember your blog (if he/she goes to your blog and you own a good one). This build your blog's reputation, thus build traffic to your blog in the future.

However, it doesn't mean readers will not visit commenter 1's blog. Just the percentage is lower since it is common comment and no information at all. Other than that, begging people to visit to your blog will only build poor reputation to your blog. So, don't ever leave a comment with 'Please visit my site'.

(1) good comment = traffic
(2) good comment + your blog is good = traffic + build reputation + loyal readers

In simple way, whose artist you like the most? I'm sure you like the one that pretty/handsome, talented, smart and nice than the one that beset with gossip only.

As a conclusion, cheap traffic will not last long. If you're new in the world of blogging, then get practice this. People's first impression will decide your blog's future.
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Creativity vs Wisdom

Recently, I have been in intense debate about creativity versus wisdom. It started when my old friend, a programmer asked me, “Which one comes first, creativity or your wisdom?”.

I stacked. This is not easy. And by coincidence, my first post got a respond by some readers and they brought up the important of creativity. Thanks. This post can be considered as an extension.

So, which one? Before that, we need to make our view smaller. Let’s take a famous field today, which used to measure person’s level of IQ, which are mathematic, physic and programming.

Mathematic is part of every field in this world, except art. It is language of physic. Back to the day when we start learning math, we introduced with number and its value. Then we taught about plus, minus and so on. The symbol and operation added as we rise to higher level.

In high school, we taught physic and computer. And if you accepted to university or college after that, maybe you will learn computer programming if your course need you to know programming.

I by myself learn all of these three which have become core of my daily life. So, my answer is, it depends on what level of your life is.

As engineer and based on my life experience, creativity is a king. So, wisdom is not important? Don’t take it a wrong way.

When you learn math in high school, have you ever faced a question that you can’t answered caused by forgotten of formula? Then you will come up with a solution, which is combination of other formula. It always happens to me. And my teacher scolded me because my solution was too long. But she also praised me.

When we look into programming, it needs you to always become creative. Example:

Antivirus A – fast scanning, low system resources

Antivirus B – slow scanning, high system resources

Why antivirus A better than B? Because the programmer take into account for every possibilities that may happen, so that he come up with better solution, better plan of action for antivirus A.

If you know Thomas Edison, a man that only has 3 months of formal education, he is really creative man with limited wisdom (based on his formal education) because he created many useful things for us.

In the world today, everyone are clever and we competing against each other. What differentiates us is not our wisdom anymore. But it doesn’t mean if you are stupid but creative, you will be better than anyone else.

Your wisdom is driver and your creativity is junctions. Creativity without enough wisdom will lead a person to chaos. Wisdom here include etiquette, discipline and etc. A successful person are creative with enough wisdom.
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Facts of Love

Definition of love by Oxford Dictionary: An affection for a person.
Definition of love by Zetasfico: Undefined.

Scientifically, love can't be defined by any means. A few years ago, there is a conference held just to discuss the definition of love. And the result was love can't be defined.

Each people define love differently. However, there are facts about love that can’t be denied.

1. Love is friendship, but friendship is not love.

2. Love can be bought by money.

3. Love is blind.

4. Love can't be found, but it will find us.

5. Love can kill people and make people kill each other.

6. Love can make you a liar.

7. Love owned by everyone except Satan.

8. Love is definition of life.

9. Love never leaves us, but we are.

10. Love can lead us to be a good or bad person.

11. Love is human source of strength.

12. Love only can be tasted by honest people.

13. Love is the most important thing in this world.

14. Love can destroy this world.

15. Love always makes us emotional but it never has an emotion.

So, do you have anyone that you love? How much you care about them? And how you show your love to them? Don’t ever let people that you love cry.
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Be Genius By Hardworking

When people call you stupid, how do you feel? You are angry, right? Even you may want to hit them. This is natural human being. Only want to eat something delicious. Only want to have pretty/handsome girlfriend/boyfriend. And when want to listen to what people say, we want to be praised and nice words.

When talking about intelligence, everyone admit that they are clever. Refer to a book of “Conception of Giftedness” by Dr. Stanberg, there are 3 factors of intelligence:

1) Analytic intelligence – ability to analyst
2) Synthetic intelligence – creative ability
3) Practical intelligence – ability to use own intelligence to produce something or use for daily routine

Meanwhile, refer to Howard Gardner (Harvard University), intelligence can be divided to 7 parts:

1) Linguistic
2) Logical mathematical
3) Visual spacial
4) Musical
5) Bodily kinaesthetic
6) Intrapersonal
7) Interpersonal

It was said that the most intelligence person is the one that can use all these 7 in their life.

Have you ever know someone that can be considered genius? Not all people are lucky to know someone like that in their life.

I by myself know two persons that can be considered genius in my life. Both of them are close to me since they are my childhood friend. Now, one working as software engineer while another one as physic professor.

Both of them can’t be categorize to any group of smart, intelligence, clever or either genius. This is a little story about them while in secondary school.

1) Lazy, never finished his homework
2) Always scolded because sleep in class
3) Working part time at night
4) Smoking
5) Involved in street racing of motorcycle
6) Never failed physic and mathematic
7) Accepted to university for Diploma in Computer Science course(he just pass core subject)
8) Continuing his study in Bachelor’s Degree in same university and then Master in Artificial Intelligence at United Kingdom (scholarship)
9) Now, working at INTEL

Physic professor:
1) Just an average student
2) Silent person
3) Poor, always share books with me
4) Thin, maybe not eat enough caused by his family poorness
5) Accepted to Form 6 in Science
6) Continuing his study at local University in Bachelor’s Degree in Physic
7) Continuing Master and PhD at oversea
8) Now, working as Professor at local University

After reading little description about them, what you thought? Are they genius? Of course not. They told me the hard time they have at university when surrounded by clever students, which have good examination result for university’s entrance exam. Difficulty just arise for them since both of them come from poor and middle-income family.

Day after day, they realize that they need to try to survive although they will fail, so that there is no regret in the future. If their friends sleep 6 hours a day, they just sleep 3 hours. If their friends play football on evening, they are study at library.

At the beginning, there is nothing change. Seem likes they are like who they are in school. They just continue their routine as planned, everyday. And after test by test at university, the graph of their test marks keep increasing. And at the end of first semester, their GPA passed 3.0.

But, they never feel satisfy with their achievement. They continue their routine to study everyday. Book, paper, pen and computer have become their best friends. And at the end of their study, they are among the best student, but still not the best.

When they continuing their study on higher level, they still doing the same thing. But, the end came out differently. They are the top student. Both of them? Yes, both of them. And right now, I believe that they still doing the same in their life.

Are they genius? Still, no. They are not genius but they already achieved a level to become a genius. Einstein, who considered 20th century most genius person and famous for his relativity theory, was gifted with brilliant mind since his born. It was the same for another genius man, Isaac Newton.

But there is a big difference between both of my friends with Einstein and Newton. Both Einstein and Newton has shown their talent in mechanical thing (physic) and mathematic since childhood. While both of my friends are just a regular and average person.

Although they are different in natural born of talent, they are same in hardworking, try and error and never give up. Thomas Edison, who only got 3 months formal education, can be considered a genius too and he is worse when comparing him with both of my friends in education. But, Edison is more genius due to his contribution to the world.

So, to be a genius, you need more effort than your wisdom because a success needs 95 % of effort and only 5 % of wisdom. Overtly, of course a person with gifted mind can achieve more than average person with same effort, but don’t forget luck can be a cause to success, like Wilhelm Conrad Rontgen, a founder of X-ray.

Rome was not build in a day. Better be genius by hardworking, than born genius but the lazy one. One day will come when the genius by hardworking show how truly genius they are than born genius. So, keep trying and study hard because you will loss nothing although you will not become the most genius person.
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