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Don't Build A Cheap Traffic

Leave a comment on another blog is a good way to gain traffic to your blog or web site. But, will that visitor come again to your blog in the future? This is a question that always singing in my mind since I start writing for my friend's blog around 1 year ago.

When you read a comment on someone's blog, what is your expression if:

Topic - How To Write A Good Article

Comment 1 - Thanks dude. Love u!

Comment 2 - Actually a good article not only depend on the content. How you compress your information in short write to be easily understand by your readers can be a key too. This is what I practiced.

Your curiosity about commenter 2 is high, right? His/her comment leave a good impression on you because it is valuable.

This is what called a good comment or content addition. If you are commenter 2, the percentage of readers on that blog to go to your blog (if you leave a link) is high. People will remember your comment on that post and remember your blog (if he/she goes to your blog and you own a good one). This build your blog's reputation, thus build traffic to your blog in the future.

However, it doesn't mean readers will not visit commenter 1's blog. Just the percentage is lower since it is common comment and no information at all. Other than that, begging people to visit to your blog will only build poor reputation to your blog. So, don't ever leave a comment with 'Please visit my site'.

(1) good comment = traffic
(2) good comment + your blog is good = traffic + build reputation + loyal readers

In simple way, whose artist you like the most? I'm sure you like the one that pretty/handsome, talented, smart and nice than the one that beset with gossip only.

As a conclusion, cheap traffic will not last long. If you're new in the world of blogging, then get practice this. People's first impression will decide your blog's future.


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