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Creativity vs Wisdom

Recently, I have been in intense debate about creativity versus wisdom. It started when my old friend, a programmer asked me, “Which one comes first, creativity or your wisdom?”.

I stacked. This is not easy. And by coincidence, my first post got a respond by some readers and they brought up the important of creativity. Thanks. This post can be considered as an extension.

So, which one? Before that, we need to make our view smaller. Let’s take a famous field today, which used to measure person’s level of IQ, which are mathematic, physic and programming.

Mathematic is part of every field in this world, except art. It is language of physic. Back to the day when we start learning math, we introduced with number and its value. Then we taught about plus, minus and so on. The symbol and operation added as we rise to higher level.

In high school, we taught physic and computer. And if you accepted to university or college after that, maybe you will learn computer programming if your course need you to know programming.

I by myself learn all of these three which have become core of my daily life. So, my answer is, it depends on what level of your life is.

As engineer and based on my life experience, creativity is a king. So, wisdom is not important? Don’t take it a wrong way.

When you learn math in high school, have you ever faced a question that you can’t answered caused by forgotten of formula? Then you will come up with a solution, which is combination of other formula. It always happens to me. And my teacher scolded me because my solution was too long. But she also praised me.

When we look into programming, it needs you to always become creative. Example:

Antivirus A – fast scanning, low system resources

Antivirus B – slow scanning, high system resources

Why antivirus A better than B? Because the programmer take into account for every possibilities that may happen, so that he come up with better solution, better plan of action for antivirus A.

If you know Thomas Edison, a man that only has 3 months of formal education, he is really creative man with limited wisdom (based on his formal education) because he created many useful things for us.

In the world today, everyone are clever and we competing against each other. What differentiates us is not our wisdom anymore. But it doesn’t mean if you are stupid but creative, you will be better than anyone else.

Your wisdom is driver and your creativity is junctions. Creativity without enough wisdom will lead a person to chaos. Wisdom here include etiquette, discipline and etc. A successful person are creative with enough wisdom.


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