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Talk With Bill Gates

While I'm online today, one of my friends told me that he talked with Bill Gates. What? Seriously? These questions pop-up in my mind spontaneously. Of course I believed in him since he is a genius in programming, working for INTEL right now.

Then I ask him, "Dude, what reason can make you talked to him?".

"Nothing particular man. Well, just simple talk like how are you, what is your story now and etc." he answered.

"Whew.. You sure a lucky man. Say hello to him when you get in touch with him again", I said.

"I think you should say to him personally", he said (I think with cheeky smile).

With curiosity, I asked him, "Don't joke around. I know who I am. Mathematician sure not in same side of programmer, especially a genius one".

"Why not? If I can make it, you can make it too" he said.

"There you go again. Sometimes, there is something impossible for us dude", I answered.

"Just go to dude!", a reply that I never want to heard.

If he was with me at that time, then 'SMACK!'. No option. Now, all of you sure fall out too, right? So, just go to to chat with Bill Gates.

Here is a capture screen when I chat with Bill Gates. As you can see, 'he' is not a real Gates. Of course not because there is no need for real Gates to chat with anonymous, unknown or unfamous person like us. And this site was not created by Gates but the way that AI (artificial intelligence) responded is quite good. So, time for you chat with 'Gates'!


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