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What Make You Feel Satisfy And Happy

Do you ever seen someone rich but unhappy? When you asked them why, what was their answer? Normally, they will say, “I feel empty”.

So, what do we do to make us ‘full’? Here are some tips for you based on my life experience:

1. Read at list 10 pages of book per day. This will make your brain have something to think. As I said, book. Not a paper, magazine, comic or blog. You need something serious to read that make your brain working hard to understand what you read. This will avoid an Alzheimer’s disease as you grow older. The process of learning will not end when you out of school or colleague.

2. Eat when you feel really hungry. This will make your food taste delicious than before even though it is only a slice of bread. Other than that, you will free from obesity and save your money too. For you who has a gastric, please follow your eat schedule.

3. Exercise at least 30 minutes per day. This is the hardest thing to-do-list. These include your walking, step on stairs or even running. But this depends on what type of your occupation is. Exercise will release your tension, keep your health and make yourself reborn.

4. Talk with someone. That’s why people writing blog. However, talking with someone is better because it is two way communications with fast respond. Plus you can see that person reaction and improve your communication skill. Messenger is another alternative but reality is better.

5. Help people if you can. That’s why poor and rich people exist in this people. We still rely on each other. If you’re rich, why don’t you donate a little penny for charity? You will feel happy when you saw peoples that you help happy. If you are not rich you can still help people. Why don’t working at welfare centre twice per month? You will know how lucky you are than them for having better life.

6. Always visit your parents. This is mother of happiness. Don’t forget they will always pray for you.

7. Be yourself. Nowadays, everyone try to be like someone else because they feel pathetic. You don’t need to do that. This will only make you suffer. Be humble. People like you because of who you are, not because you are someone else. Remember, you are unique. No one can be like you.

8. Wake up before sunrise. Watching the sunlight entering your house will make you feel fresh and alert yourself that new day has come. So that you will prepare yourself properly in the morning. By the way, you need to sleep early to wake up early.

9. Smile. Yes, just smile to anyone that you bumped into except for bad ass looking person. If that person smile back, then you day will be cheerful.

10. Forgive and forget. Hold a grudge doesn’t benefit you at all. This will only make you suffer.

So, why don’t you try it because there is nothing to lose.


pandan said...

impressive!!good tips though..

zx56 said...

nice tips. thanks..

geRy said...

how can wake up before sunrise make us happy?
else, agree.

Anonymous said...

there r more than these. or less..

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