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Facts of Love

Definition of love by Oxford Dictionary: An affection for a person.
Definition of love by Zetasfico: Undefined.

Scientifically, love can't be defined by any means. A few years ago, there is a conference held just to discuss the definition of love. And the result was love can't be defined.

Each people define love differently. However, there are facts about love that can’t be denied.

1. Love is friendship, but friendship is not love.

2. Love can be bought by money.

3. Love is blind.

4. Love can't be found, but it will find us.

5. Love can kill people and make people kill each other.

6. Love can make you a liar.

7. Love owned by everyone except Satan.

8. Love is definition of life.

9. Love never leaves us, but we are.

10. Love can lead us to be a good or bad person.

11. Love is human source of strength.

12. Love only can be tasted by honest people.

13. Love is the most important thing in this world.

14. Love can destroy this world.

15. Love always makes us emotional but it never has an emotion.

So, do you have anyone that you love? How much you care about them? And how you show your love to them? Don’t ever let people that you love cry.


Anonymous said...

i always make my girlfriend cry.. hmm

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