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Be Genius By Hardworking

When people call you stupid, how do you feel? You are angry, right? Even you may want to hit them. This is natural human being. Only want to eat something delicious. Only want to have pretty/handsome girlfriend/boyfriend. And when want to listen to what people say, we want to be praised and nice words.

When talking about intelligence, everyone admit that they are clever. Refer to a book of “Conception of Giftedness” by Dr. Stanberg, there are 3 factors of intelligence:

1) Analytic intelligence – ability to analyst
2) Synthetic intelligence – creative ability
3) Practical intelligence – ability to use own intelligence to produce something or use for daily routine

Meanwhile, refer to Howard Gardner (Harvard University), intelligence can be divided to 7 parts:

1) Linguistic
2) Logical mathematical
3) Visual spacial
4) Musical
5) Bodily kinaesthetic
6) Intrapersonal
7) Interpersonal

It was said that the most intelligence person is the one that can use all these 7 in their life.

Have you ever know someone that can be considered genius? Not all people are lucky to know someone like that in their life.

I by myself know two persons that can be considered genius in my life. Both of them are close to me since they are my childhood friend. Now, one working as software engineer while another one as physic professor.

Both of them can’t be categorize to any group of smart, intelligence, clever or either genius. This is a little story about them while in secondary school.

1) Lazy, never finished his homework
2) Always scolded because sleep in class
3) Working part time at night
4) Smoking
5) Involved in street racing of motorcycle
6) Never failed physic and mathematic
7) Accepted to university for Diploma in Computer Science course(he just pass core subject)
8) Continuing his study in Bachelor’s Degree in same university and then Master in Artificial Intelligence at United Kingdom (scholarship)
9) Now, working at INTEL

Physic professor:
1) Just an average student
2) Silent person
3) Poor, always share books with me
4) Thin, maybe not eat enough caused by his family poorness
5) Accepted to Form 6 in Science
6) Continuing his study at local University in Bachelor’s Degree in Physic
7) Continuing Master and PhD at oversea
8) Now, working as Professor at local University

After reading little description about them, what you thought? Are they genius? Of course not. They told me the hard time they have at university when surrounded by clever students, which have good examination result for university’s entrance exam. Difficulty just arise for them since both of them come from poor and middle-income family.

Day after day, they realize that they need to try to survive although they will fail, so that there is no regret in the future. If their friends sleep 6 hours a day, they just sleep 3 hours. If their friends play football on evening, they are study at library.

At the beginning, there is nothing change. Seem likes they are like who they are in school. They just continue their routine as planned, everyday. And after test by test at university, the graph of their test marks keep increasing. And at the end of first semester, their GPA passed 3.0.

But, they never feel satisfy with their achievement. They continue their routine to study everyday. Book, paper, pen and computer have become their best friends. And at the end of their study, they are among the best student, but still not the best.

When they continuing their study on higher level, they still doing the same thing. But, the end came out differently. They are the top student. Both of them? Yes, both of them. And right now, I believe that they still doing the same in their life.

Are they genius? Still, no. They are not genius but they already achieved a level to become a genius. Einstein, who considered 20th century most genius person and famous for his relativity theory, was gifted with brilliant mind since his born. It was the same for another genius man, Isaac Newton.

But there is a big difference between both of my friends with Einstein and Newton. Both Einstein and Newton has shown their talent in mechanical thing (physic) and mathematic since childhood. While both of my friends are just a regular and average person.

Although they are different in natural born of talent, they are same in hardworking, try and error and never give up. Thomas Edison, who only got 3 months formal education, can be considered a genius too and he is worse when comparing him with both of my friends in education. But, Edison is more genius due to his contribution to the world.

So, to be a genius, you need more effort than your wisdom because a success needs 95 % of effort and only 5 % of wisdom. Overtly, of course a person with gifted mind can achieve more than average person with same effort, but don’t forget luck can be a cause to success, like Wilhelm Conrad Rontgen, a founder of X-ray.

Rome was not build in a day. Better be genius by hardworking, than born genius but the lazy one. One day will come when the genius by hardworking show how truly genius they are than born genius. So, keep trying and study hard because you will loss nothing although you will not become the most genius person.


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